Messages from the Author of the "Forbidden Flowers" series

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Messages from the Author of the "Forbidden Flowers" series

Post by soldier-sorcerer on Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:16 pm

I know there are several different bro/sis books with the word "Forbidden" in the title, but don't get confused! lol, This one is by a different author. This one is a series. There was a customization option when I bought them so I asked if the author could write a little message for aspiring writers who want to explore "taboo" themes in their fiction. And these are the messages she gave me (my name is blotted out for privacy reasons)

I hope that others also find her words to be inspiring.

“The only thing that matters when writing is that you do it directly from your heart. Much Love, Diane Rinella.”

“Never be afraid to write about things that matter. Love Always, Diane Rinella.”

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