The "Broken Family" Backdrop

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The "Broken Family" Backdrop Empty The "Broken Family" Backdrop

Post by soldier-sorcerer on Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:23 pm

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I wanted to talk a bit about this idea that all incestuous relationships emerge out of a backdrop of turbulence or family turmoil.

I used to think people who thought this weren't that imaginative, but as I read more or watched more films with sibling romantic relationships, I began to see where the idea comes from. On some level, it makes sense. But I still don't believe that it applies to every relationship.

Just because something has been presented one way for a long time doesn't mean it's the only way to see it.

For one, no family is the same. The 'broken family' idea must be contrasted with what is a 'not broken' family? What is the ideal family?

I also think this idea is connected in some ways to co-dependence. e.g. the more unstable a family is, the more co-dependent the siblings will be... especially if their parents are neglectful or never around or abusive.

I guess part of the reason I never understood it is because I have cousin characters and they very much have their own separate families, which makes them very independent so they don't have to rely on each other for survival. They rely on each other later but "broken family" backdrop is not what brings them together. I wouldn't say their families are perfect.. they have their imperfections, but they are stable.

So this concept has always kind of irritated me. I certainly see how it applies to some couples, but I think it's a generalization to assume it applies to everyone.

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