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Post by soldier-sorcerer on Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:24 pm

This is just to clarify some of the points covered in the Rules of our Forum post.

First, you must must MUST be 18+ to join this forum. It will contain mature content, and it's important that people here can express themselves with the least amount of censorship. If we're all adults here, we wouldn't need to worry so much about self-censorship.

What can we talk about on this forum?

Anything that relates directly or indirectly to the exploration of consensual incest in fiction.

You don't always have to talk about happy things. You could share your views freely, including making critiques of tropes and trends. We generally try to have an incest-positive atmosphere in here but that doesn't mean you can't make critiques. If, for example, there are common shipping practices you have an alternative opinion on, feel free to express your thoughts/analysis. This includes being able to talk about what you feel makes for an unhealthy relationship dynamic vs a healthy one. And darker themes as well.

You can also talk about your writing process or useful writing tips, any anxieties over writing on these themes/subjects, ask for feedback on your writing, share character art, brainstorm character looks, collaborate in roleplays, vent about your artistic struggles, network with/build friendships with other writers with similar interests, talk fandom, etc. There are sections for all these conversations.

Try to keep to the focus of the forum: Fiction, Original characters, and Consanguinamory.
There is an Off-Topic section for off topic conversations as well.

The attitude of members

You don't have to be an activist, but I DO expect those who join this forum to at least have a neutral attitude towards consanguinamory in real life (specifically that between cousins or siblings). This is in part because people come to write related pairings for various reasons... and one of those reasons could be that they have feelings for someone in their actual family, had experiences in the past, or are currently in a consanguinamorous relationship with a relative. It's important that everyone feels comfortable here and not judged in any way.

The other reason is, some writers will want to draw inspiration from real life events or people in news stories or documentaries or other books. There is a section of the forum dedicated to non-fiction research materials for this purpose. Having an open mind and neutral attitude is necessary in order to make the best use of this section of the forum. And remember the first part of the Golden Rule: Respect each other's Preferences.

Some of the best fiction is rooted in or draws from real life.

What kind of fiction? What level of writing?

This is really wide-ranging. You might be interested in writing novels, short stories, graphic novels, comics, scripts. The only requirement is that there be some prose in it, some story. There are many ways to tell a story.

All genres welcome. Just make sure it IS a story and not just pure smut/erotica...

We're not here to tell you what to write -- only to make suggestions on how you might make your work stronger/more complete.

Maybe you have never published anything yet. That's ok. This is not a place of competition. I want this to be a place where we can help and support each other in any stage of development. Maybe you only have bits and pieces of an idea. That's ok.

This means that even if you don't even have characters yet, you can still participate in discussions and learn something. The only requirement is that you are someone who is interested in writing one or more original consensual incestuous pairings.

You can go as deep as you want in conversations, or keep things light. Maybe you're someone who wants to challenge existing stigmas in our world. Or you're someone who simply wants to write a fun, feel-good 'taboo' story that isn't too serious. Maybe you're writing to publish in print someday. Or you just want to write something to entertain some followers online. As long as you can follow the rules, and approach with the right attitude, you are welcome into this space.

This place should be an inclusive, warm, creative space.

What kind of pairing?

Again, it should be a Sibling or Cousin pairing you are thinking of writing: full blood or half blood (yea, it's possible for someone to be a half cousin, for example). At the moment, this forum is only for blood-related characters, not step/adopted family.

For more detail on Sexual Content rules, see the post Sex Positivity & Character Ages

What about Non-Fiction or Fanfiction?

The main submissions sections of this forum are for Original Fiction content only. However, you can TALK about non-fiction in the non-fiction section, and fanfiction in the fandom section. If you'd like to recommend fanfiction or non-fiction stuff, or discuss something related to those kinds of writing, use the appropriate section.

For Non-Fiction or Fanfiction, I ask that you post Links to your work instead of whole pieces of writing.

So you've joined. What do you do next?

Introduce yourself!

As you can see, the forum activity is going to be very veeeeery slow for a long time. It will often look dead, but as the Admin, I promise it will always be here. So even you see no activity, feel free to drop off links, make posts, share pieces of your writing. Because when there IS eventually some activity, your posts will be there and people can respond.

Just know you can always come here and use this forum for the purposes mentioned above.

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