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Rule Change (who can join the forum) Empty Rule Change (who can join the forum)

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:02 pm

There has been a change to the rules. It's about the part where I said we can make exceptions for other kinds of pairings. As the Admin of this forum, I feel it's important to be transparent about why this change is being made.

This forum was first and foremost made to talk about Sibling and Cousin pairs in our own fiction writing. I only made the exceptions for a few people to write about other pairs since they were among the first to join and I wanted to accommodate them.

But one of the reasons I made the focus Siblings & Cousins in the start is because I personally am too uncomfortable with certain other pairs. The other reason is that the issues affecting siblings and cousins have a lot of similarities, their dynamics have similarities sometimes, and there are many people out there who feel OK with these types of pairs but not other types.

Other pairs (f/d, m/s) have additional elements that complicate the way those relationships are handled in fiction as well as how they are thought of in reality.

I feel it would throw off the focus of the forum if the rules are left too open. And as Admin, I need to be able to lead the forum with honesty. So I will be returning the focus to the original rules.

Like a Star @ heaven This does not apply to those who have joined before this Announcement. If you were already a member who had a pairing that is something other than Siblings/Cousins, then you can still participate and talk about your characters here.

But from here on out, we will only be accepting aspiring writers for Sibling or Cousin pairs ONLY.

If you have other pairs you really want to write about, I recommend you join   (there is a creative writing section on that forum)



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