Random dream I had about Jaime and Cersei

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Random dream I had about Jaime and Cersei Empty Random dream I had about Jaime and Cersei

Post by soldier-sorcerer on Tue Apr 10, 2018 3:15 pm

Ok, I wanted to share this dream I had today. I always have weird dreams when I sleep in too late and this was one of those... it was actually very sad.

It was a modern day setting, like in a city or something. Jaime and Cersei were living in an apartment and they dressed in modern clothing (pants, t-shirts, blouses, etc).

They were in danger because a lot of people were after them and Cersei was pregnant, like in the show. They had very few friends and it seemed like death was around every corner.. dark settings, night time walks in parks and such. There was a sense of impending doom and it seemed like even their friends couldn't help them. I experienced the dream from Jaime's perspective for some reason and I could sense that he was really worried about Cersei. She was the main target of the thugs, for whatever reason, so he was trying to figure out a way to protect her.

The main scene in the dream and the ending involved a bunch of people working to catch criminals just bursting through their door into their home, with guns. Jaime got Cersei to lay down behind a couch and he began shooting at people with his own gun. They got him on the neck and he fell as blood gushed out. As he was falling, he cried out "TRIGGER MORTIS!!!!!"
(this is the strange part)

A GIANT SNAKE appeared from another room. I got the sense that he had been raising this creature for this very moment. Jaime had managed to shoot down many people even after being shot himself, but the snake handled the rest, by biting off their heads as they entered the room... One lady chose to jump out of a window rather than face the snake.

When all the enemies were dead, the snake slithered out the open doorway. The only person left alive was Cersei, unnoticed behind the couch.


I think 'trigger mortis' was in my head because of a title of a book I came across while doing an assignment, called Trigger Mortis: A James Bond Novel.... this combined with the recent discussion on this board was probably responsible for that dream. haha


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