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Bringing People to the Forum Empty Bringing People to the Forum

Post by soldier-sorcerer on Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:57 pm

As it has been said a number of times, the forum is young and can use help to develop. This means spreading the word about it in places where you think you might find would-be members.

All who join should have some interest in writing, the subject of consanguinamory, and will need to read and accept the Rules. And be 18+.

If you have some time and feel in the mood for advertising, here are some places I'd recommend posting to. If you have other ideas please share.  

  •  (this place is great for finding one-on-one roleplay buddies, but you could also post looking for partners for a group roleplay. Their rules are very open so the theme won't be an issue... one person can submit an ad once per week... so this is a good way to get the word out)

  • (This reddit page is more likely to attract people that aren't all about fetish writing)

  • If you find any individuals you think would be interested on or, you can also invite them via a personal message. But I'm not against someone making a general post about it, if the admins there let you.

  • (already made a post there but if you see newbie writers that haven't seen it you can point them this way)


  • Other Tumblr pages (consang shippers or writers who may wanna join us)


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