That scene in Downton Abbey

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That scene in Downton Abbey

Post by soldier-sorcerer on Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:08 pm

So I started watching the show 'Downton Abbey'. I had vaguely heard it mentioned before in connection to fiction with consang themes so I was curious to check it out, though I wasn't sure I'd like it cause I thought it would be a dark show (like murder mystery kind of thing). It's a drama for sure and it does have some dark stuff but it doesn't affect the entire tone or anything, which is good (for my taste anyway). Edit: I don't know if this tone may change later in the show.. no spoilers please.

I wanted to mention this little scene in the show that I thought was adorable and funny:

So the family is gathered to have dinner with a rich guest whom the parents were hoping would be interested in their eldest daughter, and everyone is being all proper, but the eldest daughter (Mary) is not interested... The middle daughter starts talking to the man to show that she is more amiable than her sister. Mary is instead making small talk with her cousin Matthew, who is sitting beside her.

...At one point the dessert arrives but due to the cook having made a mistake with ingredients, salt had been used in the dessert in place of sugar. The guest freaks out and the hosts are horrified... they rush to apologize to the man and fix the issue.

Everyone else is serious, but Matthew and Mary find the entire situation to be hilarious and can barely contain their laughter at the other end of the table...

This scene was not only amusing to me in itself, but it captured something sweet and funny that reminded me very much of my own characters... I can imagine my cousin couple also being kind of mean and laughing at someone's silly blunders, or the way people take themselves so seriously in social situations sometimes.... They're exactly the type of individuals who would mock that sort of thing together.

It makes me wonder if two characters have the same sense of humor in part because they're related. It was just really cute. Razz

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