Bring Your Writing Exercises!

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Bring Your Writing Exercises!

Post by soldier-sorcerer on Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:45 pm

Hey Smile

This is so everyone knows that you are all welcome to bring writing exercises of your own that you would like to give as writing prompts for those on the forum. These can be found online or you can make one up yourself.

See thread "Writing Exercise # 1" as an example.

Please follow this pattern of naming the thread. e.g. The next one would be "Writing Exercise # 2", then "Writing Exercise # 3" etc. You can put other stuff in the title, but make sure to have that part in it so we can all keep track of the posts.

Aim for a limit of one writing exercise posted per person each week (so there's time to write).  If you have several ideas, post one and keep the others to post on a fresh week.

Please put all posts for writing exercises and submissions in the forum called:
Writing Exercises (Our Writing)

For pieces written for exercises, try to include the words "Submission for Exercise #__" within the title of your post.

Spontaneous submissions (those that are not connected to an exercise but are pieces you just feel like submitting) can have whatever title you want.

I may change the organization of the forums later to make separate sections for exercises vs exercise replies vs spontaneous submissions of your own, but for now we'll use the above forum for all these.

Any questions, ask here.

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Re: Bring Your Writing Exercises!

Post by Unowen on Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:49 am

Doing it now. I'll number it #2.


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