Queerness and Consanguinamory (character friendships)

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Queerness and Consanguinamory (character friendships) Empty Queerness and Consanguinamory (character friendships)

Post by soldier-sorcerer on Sun Dec 24, 2017 10:00 pm

Just wanted to post an observation I've had while watching certain series with these themes.

Having just recently finished watching The Borgias series, I noticed something that I also saw in the tv series Taboo. Obviously they both have bro/sis romance arc, however, there was also something else.

In both stories, there was a gay love story/character that happened to be close to the main characters who were incestuous.

e.g. The Borgias has Cesare and Micheletto
and Taboo has James and cross-dressing dude (I forgot his name)

It's very interesting because in the time periods in which the stories are set, gay rights was far from being a reality... so queer/gay/bi people have to hide just as much as any other unconventional or sexual minority. I feel like this is a huge part of what contributes to queer characters from those stories being able to form a bond with the other unconventional types. They're both deeply closeted, they are both discriminated against by religion, they both risk their lives just by loving like that, there is a sense of isolation due to no Internet or visible LGBT community, etc etc etc.

They're on the same level in terms of privilege. (except cousins since cousin marriage was more normalized in the past)

I find that a fascinating dynamic and pattern. And it's extra interesting to me because long before I watched these two series or even much of incest-themed stuff at all, I had a gay male character in my story who was a friend of my consang character... I'm not sure if he knew that my consang character's lover was also his cousin, but it's the kind of thing that I planned to bring up later, as I developed the idea in my head more. And I intended for them to support each other throughout the story.

My gay character also had a crush on my consang guy. So there was already an affection there... even though it was one-sided. The difference between my idea and the others I've seen is that I feel that this dynamic hasn't yet been explored in a modern social context [at least, I haven't seen it yet]... So I'd really like to see how it would play out in a time when gay rights are more advanced and the stigma around consang relations still exists.

I just think the concept of the queer-cosang alliance is super interesting and inspiring/touching. So I really hope to see more of that in fiction of the future.


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Queerness and Consanguinamory (character friendships) Empty Re: Queerness and Consanguinamory (character friendships)

Post by sleepingrain on Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:42 pm

That's interesting. It appears in my stories too.
I feel a queer-consang alliance isn't unreasonable, even now. Countries like the KSA aren't so much different from Borgias-Italy.


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